Residents behind Lamin Market appeal for access to highway


By Kebba Jeffang Some compound owners residing in the outlying area behindFence blocking off the access route the Lamin market are appealing for easy access to the highway and other facilities after having been recently cut off by a newly erected two kilometer long perimeter cement block fence.The concerned compound owners explained that the road that the residents of the area have been using to easily access the market, the Banjulinding Health Centre, schools and the main Serekunda-Brikama highway has now been blocked by this new fence. One of the complainant said the place is being blocked off on the south by the airport and on the west by the fence. “The only route open to us is this very long distance which takes you to the NTC junction,” he noted. The concerned residents find it difficult to get an answer as to why the fence is being erected at their expense. They explained that they have reported the issue to both the Alkalo of Lamin village and the chief of the district, who is also the paramount chief, but to no avail. A commercial vehicle driver who plies the Lamin – Babylon route is also complaining about the difficulties being created by this new cement wall. “The wall now diverts the route we normally take to Babylon and forces us to use a longer distance,” said the driver. When contacted to enquire about his response to the complaint raised by the residents, Mr. Mbemba Bojang, the Alkalo of Lamin, told this reporter that no one has ever brought this matter to his attention. He advised that they should come and meet him. As we go press, the residents confirmed to this reporter that they have again returned to the Alkalo and have conveyed their concerns to him. They are appealing to the authorities to help them re-open the route they have been using which is now part of the fenced area. “We are now compelled to walk round this two kilometer long new fence to get to the nearest destination which is the highway. This is creating serious problems for the elderly and children,” said a mother. She added that what the fenced off area has done is to virtually confine and isolate them and making it more difficult for an ambulance or firefighting vehicle to get to the place during emergencies.]]>