Resident Explains Mysterious Exhumation of Corpse in Bakau Cemetery


By Mustapha Jallow

Fady Jammeh, a native of Bakau living opposite a cemetery, on Wednesday told this medium that a mysterious exhumation of a corpse took place in their graveyard.

Jammeh said the old woman’s body was exhumed and the shroud that was wrapped on her body was torn, saying everything in the women’s body was intact.

 “I can only confirm to you that the body was exhumed. The shroud on her body was torn and the body was lying outside her graveyard,’’ the witness said.

Jammeh said he came to know the mysterious act when he and his nephews were molding bricks on Saturday, on 6th March 2021. He explained that he sent two of his nephews to his project site at the other end of the cemetery.

According to him, his nephews decided to use a shortcut to the road that passes through the cemetery. He said these young boys were on their way and they saw a corpse beside a grave.

“They run back to my house and reported the matter to me. I rushed to the cemetery and saw the old woman’s body and the plywoods were also removed from the grave. I discovered the shroud that was wrapped on her body was torn,’’ Jammeh told Foroyaa.

“I immediately asked my nephews to rush home and bring bed sheet. He rushed and the bed sheet was used to wrap the body of the woman. I also ask my other nephew to go and inform the imams about the incident.”

Jammeh believed that the operation was conducted at night, adding the imams and community members came to the scene and the body was reburied.

He urged the relevant authorities to close three out of the four cemetery gates to avoid the reoccurrence of the exhumation.

Meanwhile, Jammeh debunked claims that a second exhumation incident took place in the area.

Alhagie Basiru Gassama, the cemetery security man, confirmed the mysterious exhumation of the corpse. Gassama said he does not know who was behind the exhumation. He tasked all residents to be vigilant about this matter henceforth.

“Let them all be vigilant and serve as security for the cemetery,’’ he said.

He also dismissed report of a second incident, saying that never happened in the cemetery.

Gassama warned that those engaged in exhuming people’s body in the cemetery will face the full force of the law. He said anyone who is apprehended will be taken to law enforcement officers.

Meawhile, 22 new solar lamps have been installed inside the cemetery to ensure the graveyard is secured from any criminal activities.

The Alkalo of Bakau was approached for comments, but he declined to make comments.