Resident Doctors’ Association asks Government, Nurses to Work to Resolve Dispute to Prevent Catastrophic Health Crises


The Association of Resident Doctors has called on the Government and Nurses to urgently and amicably work to resolving their current dispute to prevent catastrophic health crises in the country especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Association known as GARD issued a presser dated 27th August 2021 in the wake of plan by the National Association of Gambia Nurses and Midwives to embark on a nationwide sit down strike on 1st  September 2021.

GARD said they have noticed with grave concern the ongoing crisis between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the National Association of Gambia Nurses and Midwives (NAGaNM).

The association said the recent crisis has reached its peak with the nurses threatening to go on a nationwide strike if their demands are not met effective 1st September 2021.

“The fragile health system is already being stretched to its limit; therefore, it cannot afford one of its cadres to put tools down. A nationwide strike by one of the most notable key players in the health service delivery will have serious consequences leading to unwanted morbidity and mortality for the Gambian population.

“Health care workers deserve proper enumeration to motivate them hence the Government of The Gambia through MOH needs thorough review of the welfare of nurses and all cadres within its ministry to ensure proper enumeration is allocated. A comprehensive review of allowances for all healthcare workers will avert the grievances of healthcare workers,” GARD stated.

 “Both parties should return to the negotiating table and obtain a meaningful solution. GARD values the efforts of all stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare to residents of The Gambia,” GARD said.