Rent: Business Tycoon Abdoulaye Thiam Dragged to Court


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Golden Beach Hotel represented by Sheriff Marong has instituted a civil case against Senegalese business tycoon Abdoulaye Thiam and his Immo Gambia Hotels and Resorts Limited after the defendant failed to pay rent arrears due to the plaintiff.

Golden Beach Hotel is claiming the sum of Forty-Three Thousand, Two Hundred United State Dollars ($43,200) being rent arrears from Thiam and his hotel. The plaintiff wants Abdoulaye Thiam’s hotel to pay them damages for breach of covenants.

The plaintiff wants to take back the hotel situated at and known as Golden Beach Hotel and Resort situated at Bijilo in the Kombo North District, West Coast Region. Golden Beach Hotel is also seeking profit and cost to be awarded to her.

According to the statement of the case, Golden Beach Hotel entered agreement with Abdoulaye Thiam and his hotel. The agreement was dated 9th February 2023 for a term of one year from the 15th February 2023 at the annual rent of One Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand United States Dollars ($172,800) payable monthly at Fourteen Thousand and Four Hundred United States Dollars ($14,400) per month.

Golden Beach Hotel said the agreement was negotiated with Abdoulaye Thiam, who at all

the material times presented himself as the owner of Immo Hotel.

The agreement was further negotiated between the parties and they agreed for the commencement date of the tenancy agreement to be the 1st of June 2023 instead of the 15th of February 2023.

Golden Hotel further stated that Abdoulaye Thiam took over their hotel in June 2023, and paid the rents due for June, July, August and September 2023.

Golden Beach Hotel is relying on clause 6 (a) of the tenancy agreement that Abdoulaye Thiam has commited to pay rent each month. Clause 13 of the tenancy agreement contains a provision for re-entry (takeover of the hotel) in the event that the rent arrears were not paid after twenty-one (21) days.

The case is before the Bundung High Court. Foroyaa will provide details of the case once trial commences.

Thiam is involved in another legal tussle with a Gambian businesswoman Aisha Fatty over properties he is trying to recover from her. These were properties he allegedly gave her during their intimate relationship.

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