Released Manduar Youth Detained After Reporting On Bail On Friday


By Mustapha Jallow

The seven (7) Manduar-Mankinka youth who were released on different dates (30th June and 1st 2021), were on Friday 2nd July, 2021 asked to report to Brikama Police Station and upon arrival, they were re-arrested and put behind bars.

Alagie Bojang, the village Imam Ratib’s son, told Foroyaa that one of their villagers (Pa Bojang) received a telephone call from the station last Thursday. He added the said caller told (Pa Bojang) all the 7 released youth should immediately report to the station on Friday.

“Pa received this information, he rushed home and delivered the information to me because my brother was also part of the arrestees,’’ he explained.

On Friday morning, Bojang said they accompanied the 7 youth to report to the station but surprisingly, the youth were booked again on their arrival and placed in custody

“When we enquired from the officers on duty on that same day, they told us that they got the order from the top. We asked who are top but were not able to get this answer from them,’’ he said.

Bojang explained that they were at the station until around 8pm and still, they were not told why the youth were under arrest again. He said they have no other option but to leave for home.

Bojang said on Saturday morning, another villager received a phone call from the said station and the said caller asked him to come and bail their youth.

“All the 7 detainees were bailed again,” he said.

He added the youth were further asked to report back on Sunday, which he said they did and they reported yesterday (Monday) too. According to Bojang, the youth were asked to skip Tuesday and report back on Wednesday.

Bojang said they do not know the reason(s) for the rearrest of the youth. He explained that the 4 who were 30th June bailed were: Buba Bojang aka ‘Buba Manduar,’ Pa Camara, Nafally Bojang and Alagie Makalo, while other 3 bailed on and 1st July were: Saidy Bojang, Ba Fabakary Bojang and Babucarr Jallow.

“They supposed to report on bail starting from Monday, 5th July, but this was cancelled and they got recalled and detained overnight,” he said.

The Manduar-Mankinka Alkalo, Ba Jerreh Bojang, also confirmed this latest development. He added that with all these, they were advised to maintain peace in the community.

At the time of going to press, the police PRO was contacted for comment about the matter but he didn’t receive our calls. A message was sent to him via WhatsApp by this reporter but no response was made.

It all started on Tuesday, 29th June, when the people from Manduar Madinka-Kunda and Manduar Touba (Wollof) Kunda, clashed over alkaloship and attestation for voter registration. The people of Madinka-Kunda claimed that Manduar is one village with one Alkalo and that everyone should register at the village’s registration centre.

A claim the people of (Wollof) Touba disagreed with, saying they also have their own territorial area with an Alkalo and they should only be in charge of their own voter registration. This resulted in a confrontation, leading to deployment of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU), who started firing tear gas to the rioters. The IEC staff were also evacuated immediately during the incident.