Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Regrets At The Highest Level In The United States


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As the President of the United States visits shooting victims in Dayton, Ohio, no one in the United States dared to utter hate motivated slogans depicting the supremacy of the colour of one’s skin.

Race is a farce. There is only one human race. The only difference lies in colour. It would be madness to call on all people of European origin to leave South Africa just as it is madness to call on all people who are not of Caucasian origin, to leave the United States.

The death of 22 innocent people in El Paso in Texas on the border with Mexico at a store on Saturday August 3rd 2019 as a result of shooting by a 21 year old youngster who posted an anti-immigration manifesto online, has reminded those who occupy high position that they should be role models of their citizens and not pick and choose on who they should represent based on colour and origin. In the same vein, the killing of 9 people on Sunday, August 4th 2019 only thirteen hours after the first shooting by a person uttering anti-immigrant and colour motivated slogans, again shocked the world and compelled the President of the United States to condemn all sectionalism and the crimes they motivate.

The two murders will change political rhetoric in the US and will compel political leaders to guard their comments. Thirty one people died in Texas and Ohio just because someone was given the impression that people of different colour and origin were their enemies. History is made in the wrong way but the lessons are forcing political leaders in the United States to embrace what is internationally accepted, that sovereign equality of citizens is the foundation of the republic and non-discrimination on the basis of colour, gender, religion, birth, place of origin, physical features, political opinions and other human characteristics, is the basis of peace on earth.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor developments in the United States to see whether any leader dares again to capitalize on a supremacy ideology to divide a nation and push it into a state of protracted urban guerilla war, by unknown soldiers of fortune.

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