Registration Of Voters Continues


The most important role of a citizen in a democratic society is to have the power to decide who manages the affairs of the country on behalf of the people. A citizen without a voter’s card is like a soldier who goes to war without a gun. Many people had taken risks in the past to take weapons to try to remove a government from power. Eventually they are arrested and charged for treason; some are even executed from trying to overthrow a government.

In 2016 Gambian voters were able to use their ballots to change a government without any bloodshed. Many people participated in bringing about that change but many also did not participate because of the lack of a voter’s card.

The people are the owners of The Gambia and have the power to decide her future. They cannot do so without the voter’s card.

Now that registration is taking place no single Gambian should be without a voter’s card as of 11th July 2021. Gambians must aim for full registration of all Gambian voters. One must register before one could decide. Gambians can prove that they are ready to decide future if they claim their birth right by acquiring voters’ cards and cast their ballots to shape the future of their country. Get registered so that you can decide. The slogan Gambians have decided is meaningless if one is not registered as a voter.