Reality Check On Covid-19 Vaccines


Vaccination is a means of producing immunity against a disease before it invades one’s body by strengthening the natural defence mechanisms of the body which empowers the immune system to be able to resist infection.
According to scientific explanation, vaccines are weakened form of the virus or bacteria that cannot cause disease or result in health complications but would enable the body to create more disease fighting antibodies to enable them to fight any real infection.
Vaccines may be given by injection, by mouth or sprayed in the nose. In the Gambia, COVID 19 Vaccination is being administered by injection.
According to the International media including Aljazeera over a Billion people have been vaccinated with more than half administered in the USA, CHINA and INDIA. Only 12 countries are yet to begin vaccination according to media reports.
The Patent names of the vaccination as reported by AFP are as follows:
AstraZeneca and Oxford University is reported to have been administered in three-quarters or 156 of those countries and territories that have started vaccinating; Pfizer and BioNTech, administered in 91 countries, or 44 percent of the total; Moderna, administered in 46 countries or 22 percent; Sinopharm, administered in at least 41 countries or 20 percent of the total; Sputnik V in at least 32 countries or 15 percent; Sinovac, in at least 21 or 10 percent.
Foroyaa will find out which brand is being discharged in the Gambia and the extent of the campaign. Knowledgeable people should help educate the public on the positive use of vaccine and to avoid any negative outcome of vaccination.