Re-opening Olympic House good move -Dibba


By Sulayman Bah Olympic House swinging back to business is a good move Momodou Dibba 2Momodou Dibba GNOC’s head told Foroyaa Sport yesterday. The Gambia Olympic House was forced to cease operations and staff denied access by security personnel in the wake of a series of disputes between GNOC executives and government. The move to re-open the headquarters follows announcement by the National Sports Council after months of intense negotiations. Reason for re-opening the office, according to the NSC, is as a result of difficulties faced by Gambian athletes and Staff were most hindered due to the closure. And speaking for the first time since the announcement, Momodou Dibba told Foroyaa Sport: “It is a good move for sports and sports development. It is welcomed move. We should try to move on and forget about what happened for the better of the country’s sports” The furore between the two began after technical arm of government, the Sports Council, questioned credibility of the NOC’s elections in which the then incumbent Momodou Dibba’s -who would later become president – rival candidate Sheriff Jammeh boycotted the polls raising issues with the voters’ list. The brouhaha reached a point the International Olympic Committee warned of meddling into NOC matters, urging affiliate members to instead resolve their differences internally. Matters took a new trajectory after the NOC bureau was stormed and shut off for close to four months with the dust only settling after government and few NOC officials sat to a round-table meeting to reach a peaceful agreement.    ]]>