PW4 testifies in Veronic’s Case


By Mamadou Dem &Rohey Jadama  Ebou Bah, residing at Tobacco Road, Banjul yesterday 22ndBanjul Magistrates’ Court October testified as the fourth prosecution witness in the ongoing criminal trial involving Veronic Carayol, Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement at The Gambia Revenue Authority. According to the witness, one Ellen introduced him to the accused for the purpose of supplying him with baggies; adding that the accused introduced him to one Ebrima Njie so that he takes goods from him for their store. The witness testified that he was called to the Office of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and a statement was obtained from him. Upon identification of the said statement, ASP Musa Camara applied to tender it in evidence as exhibit. It was admitted and marked accordingly without objection from the defence. Under cross-examination by Awa Sisay Sabally, the witness testified that he doesn’t know the name of the person that wrote his statement; adding that Ellen is a business woman. Counsel asked, “Did you have any relationship with Ellen?,” the witness responded in the positive. He said Ellen used to call him and asked him about the kind of goods he wants her to buy for him. PW4 disclosed to the court that he is working for Ellen but that he does not know the name of the street where the shop is located. When asked by counsel whether it was in August 2014 that Ellen told him to contact the accused’s sister, the witness said “Am not literate I don’t know the month.” Counsel asked, “Did you tell the NIA to write on your statement that sometimes in August 2014 your boss sent a container in The Gambia?” The witness said, “I was asked which month the container arrived in The Gambia. I told them am not literate I don’t know the month so I then told them it arrived after the Ramadan.” The witness testified further that he doesn’t know the year Ellen traveled to the United States; adding that he can’t remember the time Ellen gave him the accused person’s number. He said the items he took from the six containers that arrived after the Ramadan include bags, shoes and hand pocket respectively. PW4 finally reveals to the court that his younger brother, Abdoulie Bah also works for Ellen and the shop is located at the market in Banjul. Hearing continues today. Readers would recall that the accused is standing trial on four counts ranging from  Unlawful Publication, Abuse of Office, False Information and Corrupt practices respectively, she denied any wrong doing. Count One Particulars of offence states that  accused person in Banjul and diverse places abused her office by allowing the official vehicle registration number G.R.A 63 to be used for carrying her sister’s employees and merchandise of baby diapers ‘for an on’(sic) official mission and thereby committed an offence. Count Two, Particulars of offence states that the accused falsely informed the panel of investigators that there was an outstanding Balance, business men should pay, which she circulated and retrieved by some G.R.A top officials which she knew or believed to be false and thereby committed an offence. The prosecution is alleging under count three that Madam Carayol in Banjul and diverse places, without authority informed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) visiting delegation that the manager Mobile Brigade was not taking directives from her which was purely an administrative matter and thereby committed an offence. On the last and final count, the prosecution alleged that the accused uttered by own words that she accepts unsolicited money as gifts or consideration as an induction or reward for doing or for bearing to do or have been done or forborne to do, this act in relation to her principal affairs to show favours in her principal affairs and thereby committed an offence.  ]]>