“Protection of the Public from Covid-19 Should Be Placed above Everything” says NHRC Chairman


By Nelson Manneh

The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission Emmanuel D. Joof on Tuesday 16th February 2021said the protection of the public from Covid-19 should be placed above everything else.

Joof said the NHRC has noticed, with deep concern and fear, the public’s total disregard and law enforcement agencies’ non-enforcement of the Ministry of Health and WHO Guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19. Social distancing, wearing of facemasks, avoidance of public gatherings and events especially and other guidelines are disregarded with absolute apathy, Joof said in a media release issued on Tuesday.

“By all indication, the statistics show an exponential increase in our Covid-19 infection rate and already families have lost loved ones, some of whom are breadwinners and community pillars, to the pandemic. The recent detection of the UK variant of Covid-19 is even more worrisome as this variant is said to be more contagious and deadlier,” he said.

Chairman Joof indicated that mega-events continue to be organized and their organizers are music promoters, political leaders and political parties who the public look up to for guidance in these trying times.