Friday, November 26, 2021

Protecting The Vote


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Foroyaa has seen the need to alert polling agents of all candidates to be alert to the counting and post counting process in the coming elections. The ignorance of polling agents could lead to electoral fraud without the person knowing. All candidates should educate their counting agents to know how to take an uncompromising stand to ensure that the following process is safeguarded.

First and foremost, after the close of polling, the unused ballot tokens should be counted and secured. The practice is that they are put in a bag and sealed. The agent should record the number on the seal.

Secondly, one should check the seals on the boxes before counting is done to confirm that they tally with the number on the boxes at the commencement of the polls.

Thirdly, the person should count the number of holes that are on the rack used for the counting of the marbles.

Fourthly, he or she must ensure that all the racks used have the same number of holes.

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Fifthly, after the counting, he or she must ensure that the marbles are returned to the ballot boxes and sealed. The sealed number should be registered.

Sixthly, the Commission shall retain the ballot tokens and any documents transmitted to it for a period of six months.

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