“Proposed Election Law is trying to promote a one party state in The Gambia,” Says former Banjul Ward Councillor Candidate


Muhammed Sailu Bah Muhammed Ndow, the 29 year old former Independent candidate for  Newtown West Ward in the last council Muhammed Ndowelections, said the Election Amendment Bill which has now been passed by the National Assembly to become law is trying to promote a one party state in The Gambia. He said the law intends to deprive people from exercising their civic rights and to open the way for only the wealthy to be contesting elections. “This shows that the present leadership of the country is no longer confident of winning elections and is resorting to making laws to restrict any serious challenge,” said Mr. Ndow. Mr. Ndow said this is a great challenge for the opposition in the country which requires them to come together and stand firm. “The objective of this proposed law is to discourage the opposition parties as well as those contesting under independent tickets from participating in elections. But I’m advising the opposition to challenge this and never to boycott elections,” he said. Mr. Ndow said for his own part, he will never be discouraged by legal impediments such as this proposed law as he will be actively involved in politics. “I’m also urging Gambians, especially the young people not to be discouraged by this law and that they should be wise enough to see what is going on and be ready to bring about political change in this country through election,” appealed Mr. Ndow. He said it is the people who should take charge now as “the National Assembly is a rubber stamp that accepts and passes any bill brought before it by government without thinking about the repercussions.” Mr. Ndow contested the 2014 Local Government elections as one of the two Independent candidates who narrowly lost to the APRC sponsored candidate.  ]]>