Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Producer Afamata Calls for unity, hard work and professionalism in music production


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In this edition of Arts and Culture, the columnist conducted an exclusive interview Afamawith a music producer based in Bansang. Read to find out who this promoter is: Foroyaa: Introduce yourself to our readers? D.J Afamata: My name is Amadou Jallow alias D.J Afamata, Gambian music producer based in Bansang South “Jamagen” Foroyaa: When did you start doing music production? D.J Afamata: I started doing music production in 2009 but I finally settled on studio projects in 2014. Foroyaa: Where do you learn music production? D.J Afamata: We have no music production school in the Gambia, but I have been working with talented people who know a lot about music. Foroyaa: What inspired you to become a music producer? D.J Afamata: I was inspired by Freaky Joe, Magnificent Joe and I was always associating with the elderly traditional musicians. Foroyaa: Who is the first artist that you recorded? D.J Afamata: The first artiste I recorded was Dubiz, alias Vex Cure, a reggae danchall artiste from Bansang, who is now based in Italy. Foroyaa: What was the name of the song? D.J Afamata: The song is entitled ‘Bidindinngoul’ a Mankinda word meaning ‘Children of today’. Foroyaa: How many artistes have you worked with? D.J Afamata: I have worked with many artistes but just to name a few, I have produced a song for Fulencijoe, and also a song for Seedy Manneh, alias Sound, entitled ‘Malaria’, which is an award winning song. Both artistes are based in Bansang. Foroyaa: Who are the founders of Afamata Production? D.J Afamata: I, myself, and the studio was established in 2009 but started operating in 2014 Foroyaa: What is the meaning of Afamata? D.J Afamata: (Smiles) Afamata is a Fula word meaning ‘Never known’. Foroyaa: What skills and ingredients do you put in your production? D.J Afamata: I produce nice beats on different music genres like afro, hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, and cultural music. I do both beat making and voicing. Foroyaa: Have you ever worked with any other music studio before the establishment of your own production studio? D.J Afamata: Yes, I was working for a short period with Korajula Records in Farafenni in 2014 and after which I decided to start my own studio. Foroyaa: what are some of the problems that you normally face when working with artistes? D.J Afamata: I face lots of difficulties especially when working with underground artistes as most of them their songs are not properly arranged, amongst others. Foroyaa: How is the promotion level of Gambian music in Bansang? D.J Afamata: Yes people of Bansang really love and support Gambian music and fans respond positively whenever there is a Gambian music show. Foroyaa: What are your aims and objective in promoting Gambian music? D.J Afamata: Am always working hard to see Gambian artistes to a better change and inshallah, if all my dreams come true, I will support and contribute to national develop. Foroyaa: what is your advice to artistes, producers, and others in the field? D.J Afamata: am advising all artistes, producers, D.J’s, promoters, stakeholders amongst others to work collectively as a team in contributing to the best of our talents together, we can make it. Foroyaa: Thank you for the interview. D.J Afamata: Thank you and foroyaa Newspaper for visiting and conducting an interview with Bansang talents. This producer can be reach on 3987602 2602378, [email protected]/facebook:DJAfamata or link him on watsapp chat group page on Bansang music promotion]]>

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