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Pro-Gambia SG issues statement


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Address and peace salute to the president,essa-jatta

Your Excellency, I am a concerned citizen of our peaceful country who wants to share concerns with you about the future of our country.

Your Excellency, I wish to first of all inform you that I am 25 years old this year, September 13th which proves that I am part of the youthful populace that you address as your children, this gives me the audacity to address this statement to you as a child sharing worries and concerns to his father especially on the issue of peace, national unity and security. Please forgive me for any miscommunication as my sole intention is to strive for peace in my country.

It is with true consent your Excellency that there were great developments under your administration for 22 good years which I stand to applaud. Every compound head needs help at a particular time from his kinsmen in order for the good job to continue just as it is said, “one man cannot do it alone’’. Since you need somebody’s help that has made the Gambia to make their choice.

Your Excellency, I was so happy and proud when I received news on the radio first about your acceptance to the will of Allah and the choice of the people. I was happy because your promise for peace and stability was assured, and I am proud because you are from The Gambia.

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Your excellency, this is our smiling coast, our land and our country it is on to this land that we, your children seek a promising future with peace and stability. I have celebrated your great thought on Friday, the 2nd of December, 2016 to render your support towards the maintenance of peace and stability in the Gambia along with many children of yours.

These children are taught through your words to be faithful and God fearing for these are going to unite us together and I assure you that your regard for these Gambian children is highly and well noted.

Your Excellency, some of your children are parting away from each other due to certain misunderstandings but they need a reminder from you to unite them under our national flag than social or political segments. We could have resolved those mishaps if your national address was particularly on that subject.

Your Excellency, your children awaited to hear your national declaration on tribal or religious differences or political sentiments as the election was over and our father had accepted the verdict of the people.

Disappointment shook me to the head when you claim ‘’the election was fraudulent’’. This short but powerful statement as a whole had since then created a situation in our country which threatens the peace of our country that you for so long cherished. The people of this country have seen each other as one people for the past 22 years and I pray for that to continue for the future of the school children who had stood waiting for you on the road side for 22 years.

Your Excellency, think of a safe Gambia where your achievements shall be remembered by your children and immediately you do this, then you will understand that the verdict of the people to appoint a new leader as the result puts it.

The possibility of rigging this election is hard your Excellency because the final process is open counting. I apologise for the slipping of the mind, I have been accredited to observe this year’s election which gave me an insight on how things were handled. The election was free, fair and transparency.

Your Excellency for the sake of our peace and stability as your children, I wish to persuade you to accept the rule of destiny and the will of the people. Remember your loyalists and make reunion among the people for this is what your children are wishing for.

Remind them that the Gambia is greater than any individual person or language group; there you will become the everlasting hero. Your promise for the peace and security of this country will be carved into our youth hood museum when you accept the decision of the people for the continuity of that peace and security.

Peace is my massage to you as a child because you promised to live and die for us in ensuring and supporting the peace and stability in our country. On that note I wish to persuade you to accept the election result and work with the Gambia for a better Gambia.

Long live peace and security.

Essa Jesus Jatta

Secretary General Pro-Gambia.

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