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Prison Officer released after detention for 9 Months


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Abdou Jammeh commonly known as Anabi, a prison officer and a native of Kanilai, has been finally released after detention at abdou-anabi-jammehMile 2 Central Prisons for 9 months.

The Wife of  Abdou Jammeh, Serreh Jarjue on Monday 17 October 2016, came to Foroyaa’s office and told this reporter that, her Husband Abdou Jammeh was released on Monday night 3 October 2016.

Serreh Jarjue, the wife of Mr. Jammeh and the mother of their three children, told Foroyaa that her husband left home on a Tuesday in January, this year, to go to work at Mile Two Prisons on an afternoon shift but never returned home.

“I made several attempts to meet my husband since his detention but it never materialised,” said Madame Jarjue.

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By extension she said she even made attempts to meet the Director General of Prisons on the issue of her husband but without success.

She further stated that during the course of the detention of her husband, she and her children went through a lot of difficulties.

“I am not working, my kids and I depend wholly and solely on my husband. We only have food if our neighbours spare us with some,” she lamented.

She said life became so hard for her and the children until two of them who were going to school had to stop their schooling, because they were attending private schools which she cannot afford to pay.

She said, she is feeling so sad because the current health condition of her husband has been very bad since he was released.

“It’s painful because my husband was healthy and now he is sick since his release,” she lamented.

She said her husband is experiencing pain on his ribs and legs.

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