Prices of Basic Food Commodities Hike


By Fatoumata K. jallow As part of its regular update on situation in the local market, it is discovered that prices of Serekunda Market5basic food commodities have hiked in the course of one month following the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Visiting the Serekunda Market yesterday, 18 August, this reporter spoke with some vendors who confirmed the increase in prices of some basic food commodities.The price of a bag of American rice, which was D1,200 last month, has now increased to D1,225 while the retail price per cup remains at D6. The most starchy ‘Sadam’ brand rice which was costing D1,400 in July is now D1, 450 but retail per cup is still D8 as before. A 20 litres gallon of oil was D975 before but is now increased to D1000. Its 10 litres gallon was D575 but is now D625 while the 5 litres gallon has increased from D300 to D350. Potatoes have risen from D500 per bag to D600, while the kilo has increased from D35 to D40. A bag of Onion is now D450 from D400, while the kilo remains at D30. The cost of a bag of Sugar has now increased to D1,400 from D1,350 but its retail price per cup still remains at D8. A bag of flour which was D1500 is now D1,550. As for the price of meat and bone, it has risen to D250 from D225, while steak remains at D250. The cost of a medium sized tin of Tomato Paste still remains at D150 as before. Amie Touray, a customer, expressed the difficulties they faced as household heads or housewives in trying to cope with the escalating prices of basic food commodities. “Before, D100 was more than adequate to take to market for a sizeable family as it could buy you all the food needs for the meals. But nowadays, this amount is not sufficient for even breakfast for a home like mine. You cannot get a correct meal with this amount,” she said. Another customer, Isatou Bah, also lamented the price hikes and the difficulties it poses to them. She explained that her husband works as a private security guard and earns very little as salary. “The salary of my husband does not last for a week and we have to always struggle to get ‘fish’ money for our meals. I normally take fifty dalasi to the market which cannot buy us all the things we need for the meal such as rice, fish, vegetables and the condiments,” said Mrs. Bah.]]>