Price And Timely Access To Fertiler Still A Concern For Farmers


Farmers still complain about the price of fertiliser and the timely access to it. They emphasise that they need fertiliser on time to enhance the efficacy of their application. They also complain that the arrangement for purchasing it does not favour them as the intermediary buying it from GGC and selling it to them, adds costs and they end up paying more than the announced price of D700, and besides, the arrangement is time-consuming causing delay in accessing this essential farm input.

In short, they want the price to be even lower than D700 and the fertiliser to be available at their doorstep in good time.

In an exclusive interview with Foroyaa, the managing director of the National Food Security Marketing and Processing Corporation (formerly called GGC), said plans are underway to change the arrangement for the sale of fertiliser this year. He said the plan aims to ensure that fertilizer is sold to farmers directly through their respective Seccos and under the supervision of village heads (Alkalolu) and District Chiefs.

According to the managing director, fourteen thousand (14,000) metric tons of fertilizer have arrived in the country and are currently kept in their stores, and they are discussing with Government to determine the price.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor the situation and inform our readers accordingly.