The importance of presidential debate in democratic election in a republic is becoming more relevant today than ever before. Those who analyse the results of such debates may also shape the mindset of voters.

They should therefore be very concrete in determining the facts and factors which underpin their conclusions. USA presidential debate is a test case. Following the analysis it is still not clear what message they are assisting the US people to digest. At the moment, the analysts are focusing on stamina and vigour of delivering during the first debate between the two opponents.

On that score, an objective analyst should not expect both Biden and Trump to be in their best state of mind. It should not be surprising to find both to be restless. Biden has been engaged with Ukraine and Nato and is confronted with an arms race never seen before emerging during the cold war. He appeared visibly outraged by Hamas’ suicide attack on Israel only to be dismayed by Netanyahu’s conduct in Gaza and the West bank. He cannot possibly be convinced that Nato can help Ukraine to push the Russian forces out of Ukraine and could only attempt to do so by unleashing the escalation of a major European war which he and his allies do not want. He is also witnessing death and destruction in Gaza and the West Bank after declaring a full support of Israel and does not know how to reverse the genocidal trend of the Israeli government or withdrawal of his support. No president who is engulfed in such contradictions could find rest under such pressure.

This is why it is reasonable and justifiable to have a term limit for the presidency and during one’s tenure, one needs objective, sincere people centred advice and advisers to take the right decisions that could lead to a clear conscience before one could have rest.

On the other hand, ex-president Trump has been subjected to the most humiliating court cases than any other US president has ever been subjected to. He is compelled to put a brave face in a preliminary debate by relying on the consolation that despite all the odds, he is still a presidential candidate who still has chances in the polls. The presidency is a life and death struggle for him.

What has however gone missing in the analysis so far are the key points at issue in a presidential debate. The litmus test should be based on the following concerns.

First and foremost, the candidates should display that one is unifying the country despite its diversity.

In short, analysts must gauge whether the lives of citizens of different race in a given country matters under a different administration. The reality check on the country and the answers should be given to check the facts.

Secondly, the level of development of the enterprises of producers and the wellbeing of producers must be gauged in order to establish a reality check on turnovers.

Thirdly in terms of international relations one must gauge how far this is making the world a safer place for those who circumscribe to the sovereignty of nations and peoples as well as good neighbourliness and peaceful resolution of disputes.

In short, before there is a presidential debate the standards should be set.