President Sall’s candidate Ba pledges non-partisanship presidency


By Biran Gaye

[Dakar, 22/03/2024]

The candidate of President Macky Sall and Benno Book Yakaar has pledged to detach the function of President of the Republic from the position of party leader if elected, marking a total shift from the current reality.

Amadou Bâ vowed non-partisanship presidency which prioritizes the welfare of the people of Senegal.

“A government must go beyond partisanship,” said the candidate of “Benno Bokk Yakaar” on 7Tv channel on Thursday, March 21. “The President of the Republic must be above the fray and I intend to rid him of the day-to-day management of the party,” he added.

According to Amadou Bâ, the President of the Republic must “abandon the executive function of party leader” for the “strengthening of democracy and the State”.

Explaining further, the candidate said the President of the Republic could be an “honorary president of the party” but not its daily leader.

If elected as president this Sunday, Amadou Bâ said he would designate responsibility of party leader “to a minister of state, to the Prime Minister, to the president of an institution, or to a minister without portfolio”.