April 2 would mark the end of the mandate of President Macky Sall as President of Senegal. He has accepted the decision of the constitutional council that the decree postponing the election and the law extending his mandate to December 15 are unconstitutional and null and void.

Foroyaa had indicated that the constitutional council has also postponed the 25th February election and has ordered the authorities to give a date for elections the soonest. Some candidates are proposing soonest to be March 3. Others have not indicated the date that would constitute soonest.

The electoral impasse then continues as President Macky hesitates to give a date until there is dialogue on who should participate in the presidential elections. He is proposing those who are left out to be included. Some of the candidates who were allowed to participate by the constitutional council are proposing election to go ahead based on the original list.

Foroyaa will show in a supplement how a constitutional crisis has emerged in Senegal and what should be done to address the impasse. The supplement containing a letter addressed to Macky Sall and copied to the Senegalese opposition will be published next week.