By Kebba Jeffang and Mustapha Jallow President Jammeh, yesterday evening, Thursday, 23 July released a number of detainees which include 12 family members of Mambury NjieEssa Bojang  Fatou Sonkoinsurgents of the December 30 incident. Foroyaa also learnt of the release of former minister of finance, Mr Mambury Njie who has been detained since October 9 2014 and was hospitalised on 28 November 2014. Foroyaa can confirm the release of the following family members of the December 30 insurgents: Fatou Sonko and Essa Bojang, the parents of Cpl Dawda Bojang an alleged December 30 insurgent; Metta Njie the mother of Lt Colonel Lamin Sanneh, the purported leader of the December 30 insurgency; Bai Jobe Njie, a KMC driver who is the father of Modou Njie who was convicted of treason and sentenced to death in April 2015. Foroyaa reporters witnessed scenes of jubilation and emotions at the residences of Bai Jobe Njie and Metta Njie upon their arrival at homes last night. See the next edition for more detailed reports on the release of detainees.    ]]>