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By Aja Musu Bah Daffeh

President Jammeh the chairman and founder of the APRC party on Sunday 20 November 2016 held meetings in Jappineh Jarrapromises-to-transform-jappenni Central District and Soma in the Jarra West District Lower River Region LRR where he was welcomed by a large crowd of jubilant supporters.

Speaking at the Jappineh meeting, the President noted that the people of Jarra Central are loyal to the APRC; that since the APRC has always won in Jarra Central he assured them that they will receive massive development in their district which no district will enjoy as they will.

“I promise that by the help of the Almighty that a major health centre will be built, the Kabada road will be constructed and you will be provided with electricity supply and if there is a need by 2018, I will provide a power station whether you vote for me or not,” says the President.

Fatou lamin Faye thanked the people of Jarra Jappineh for their rousing welcome of the President and entourage. She disclosed that very soon a Secondary School will be built in Jarra Jappineh. She however said the reason why they do not have a Secondary School is because acquiring land for it was a problem but now thanks to the President land has been allocated and the School will be built soon.

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The Minister of Works, Construction and Infrastructure who doubles as APRC campaign manager Balla Garba Jahumpa revealed to the people of Jappineh that Kabada, Buiba and most of the communities will benefit from electricity, clean drinking water and roads. He appealed to them to increase their votes from 81% to 100%.

The women mobiliser Aja Mansata Kebbeh said President Jammeh is one of a kind and that being the reason western people criticise the President because of the Peace, stability, tranquility and security he has brought to our Nation.

She continued that since the referendum Jarra Jappineh was behind and is still behind President Jammeh and assured the President that they will massively vote for him, noting that they do not even need ballot boxes.

Kebba Sallah the youth mobiliser noted that after the nomination he has mobilised all the youths to vote for the APRC party. He continued to say that all the youths only know the way to the land and say no to “back way’ because they believe in the slogan of  Vision 2016 “eat what you grow and grow what you eat.”

Bahum Jallow chairman of Sasida said President Jammeh is known for his generosity because he supplies his Nation with food and agricultural products; that whether they know it or not he has never neglected anyone since he emerged as the leader of the 1994 ‘revolution’.
Chairman Jallow noted that President Jammeh is touring The Gambia not because of politics or campaign but to visit the people.


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