Pres. Barrow, EU Ambassador discuss port expansion, schools electrification projects


By Amadou Manjang

President Adama Barrow and the European Union Ambassador to The Gambia Corrado Pampaloni have discussed projects they are collaboratively working on.

The projects include investment in Banjul Port and the electrification of 1000 schools across the country. 

According to State House, the Government is currently negotiating for the Port Expansion Project.  

‘Negotiations are slow, but we are positive about improving the Port because it is linked with business enhancements and hidden prices affecting the cost of living, especially imported goods,’ the statement says.  

The electrification of 1000 schools across The Gambia was slowed down due to technical issues that have now been resolved, State House revealed. 

According to President Barrow, the solarisation of schools would be a game changer in the country.

He assured that his Government is committed to providing the necessary funds. 

The discussion between the State House and the European Union also included solving the Bakoteh dumpsite while creating a modern site for waste segregation into organic material.

The project seeks to reduce pollution and increase the nation’s economy and youth employment. 

President Barrow pledged his Government’s commitment and has directed that a committee of relevant stakeholders be established to work on the implementation. 

In addition, the European Union and the Ministry of Finance are set to sign a highly strategic YEP Tourism project worth 10 million euros this week.

The project aims to train experts and boost youth employment in The Gambia.