PPP Condemns State House Attack, Calls for Independent Investigation


By Kebba Jeffang Mr. Omar A. Jallow, alias OJ, the interim leader of the People’sOJ Progressive Party (PPP) convened a press conference at his Fajara residence on Saturday, 10th December, 2015 to condemn the 30th December 2014 attack on State House by insurgents and to call ongovernment to set up an independent investigative commission on the matter. Mr. Jallow said following the government’s reports on the event, his party is re-affirming and reiterating its unflinching support and stand for peaceful democratic change in the Gambia. He said the PPP is against any form of violence in achieving political power. “We are calling on the government of President to set up an independent commission to investigate the events of December, 30th 2014. We are calling for due process for people who are arrested, and for the government to follow the laws of the land. The PPP abhors violent political change because it was a victim of an illegal military takeover in 1994,” said the PPP interim leader. He further stated that his party is convinced that the Gambia needs a better government and leadership to bring about the desired democratic system that the majority is currently yearning for.  He said in as much as the Gambia presently has one of the worst human rights records in Africa with the systematic and continuous violation of the citizen’s rights, violation of rule of law, bad governance and a very hostile environment against the independent press, his party still believes that change can be made through peaceful democratic process. “The incidence of December, 30th 2014 is a wakeup call for all Gambians particularly the present government. The government needs to go back to the drawing board and introduce reforms particularly on human rights, rule of law, the establishment and operation of the Independent Electoral Council. Any elections from the beginning of the process from registration to voting, canvassing and counting of votes should be seen by all to be free and fair and very transparent. Only this can guarantee a sustainable and viable democratic dispensation in any country,” said the PPP leader. Mr. Jallow said in every family, society, community, institution or organisation, you must find some bad members and so too is the Gambia Armed Forces and other security outfits. He said it is expected to have few bad elements in the armed forces but that the majority of them are good, hardworking, committed and decent Gambians. “We are calling on the international community to ensure that the government of the Gambia follows the laws of the land, and to respect the human rights of the Gambian people. We are also calling on President Jammeh to ease the security stranglehold on the Gambian people which is stifling the free movement of people and goods, thus, further increasing economic hardship on the people,” he said. Mr. Jallow said with the coalition of the opposition parties, they can win the 2016 general elections on a level playing field and a fair electoral process. He told reporters that he believes that plans are underway to ensure that opposition parties are united as there is still about eighteen months to go for the presidential election. He finally extended, on behalf of his party, heartfelt condolences to all the families who have sons that lost their lives in the December 30th 2014 incident.]]>