Power Rankings: Three 2nd Division Teams Lead, Newcomer Impresses in 1st Division


By Momodou Jarju

Getting match statistics can be a daunting task in the Gambia’s football tournaments except goals, assists, corners, and maybe saves from goalkeepers.

The power rankings will look at the 10 most in-form teams in the first and second division leagues. The yardstick would be based on match results and the aforesaid statistics, especially when teams get neck-and-neck on points.


Wallidan FC had one in a lifetime pre-season ahead of the 2021-22 season. The team left Gambia for Saudi Arabia for its pre-season and are back with one mission to win the title. Out of 3 matches played though, Wallidan secured 5 points. They are yet to concede and scored only two goals. 

9.Tallinding United

Placed 5th in the second division, Tallinding United have 7 points out of a possible 9- scoring 5 goals and conceding 2.


Medical FC are 4th-placed in the second division, securing 7 points out of a possible 9. Like PSV Wellingara, Medical FC are yet to concede but managed to score 3 goals.

7.Waa Banjul

The Banjul based team is 4th in the first division with 7 points. Yet to concede too out of three matches played, Waa Banjul have scored 3 goals.

6.Hawks FC

Hawks FC are 3rd-placed in the first division. Joint league leaders too, Hawks are among 5 teams yet to taste defeat in the first division league.

5.Falcons FC

Falcons FC are leaving no stone unturned yet in the country’s top football league. They are among the newcomers to the first division from the second division. Out of three matches played, they have two clean sheets, scoring 5 goals and sipping in just one. They are joint leaders on 7 points. 

4.Real de Banjul

Real de Banjul sit on top of the first division table with 7 points out of a possible 9. They are the team with most goals (7) in the league, 2 more than 2th-placed Falcons FC.


Placed 3rd in the second division, Immigration FC are joint-leaders with PSV Wellingara and BK Milan on 9 points each. They conceded just one and scored 5 goals.

2.BK Milan

BK Milan scored 8 goals, 2 more than the second division league leaders PSV Wellingara, and conceded 4 goals. They have secured maximum points of 9 out of 9.

1.PSV Wellingara

Topping the power rankings are PSV Wellingara, who are currently among two teams with the best defence in the second division, scoring 6 goals- an average of 2 goals per game. The team is yet to concede and are 2 goals shy away from 2nd-placed BK Milan. PVS have maximum points from their 3 outings.