Pollution Affects Marine Life at Gunjur Lagoon


By Hatab Nyang 

Water Pollution purported to have emanated from Golden Lead Factory in Gunjur is said to be affecting Aquatic and Marine life, causing deaths to many.

Bolongfenyoto is the only lagoon in Gunjur beach. There are many small fishes living inside it and it also served as breeding places for the fishes and a habitat for crocodiles as well.

According to some members within the community, the area is a famous tourist attraction and some investors have also built lodges and motels along its long shores for tourists and other visitors. 

This reporter, on 15th June,2022, visited the site and discovered that many Marine Organisms were found dead on the shores of the said lagoon (Bolongfenyoto). He observed that the water by the shores of the lagoon was also reddish and covered with foam.

The organisms found dead include crabs, mangroves, crocodiles and many other sea creatures. Several crabs and small fishes were also seen dead and scattered on the shores.

Dead fish beside the lagoon

Out of curiosity and for the purpose of accuracy, the reporter went behind the Golden Lead Fishmeal Factory which borders the lagoon and discovered polluted water coming from the Fishmeal Factory’s manhole.

The pipe that the rear of Golden Lead that discharges reddish waste water

As the principle of balance reporting and objectivity dictates, the reporter went to Golden Lead to hear their side of the story but securities working at the Company said no staff was there to receive him.

However, when the Fisheries Officer attached to Gunjur Beach Ebrima Jabang was shown the pictures causing serious harm to the said organisms, he intimated that he was not aware of the incident but promised to engage Golden Lead staff to make sure that the discharged of polluted water into the lagoon is halted.  

This reporter will make a follow up on the story to better inform all stakeholders in order to address the issue before more harm is done.