Politics, The Republic And Traditional Leaders


Elections are means to entrust authority based on popular consent. The mind of the voter is not supposed to be influenced in any other way other than providing information to enable him or her to make informed choice.

This calls for every effort to prevent the voter from being intimidated or induced. The republic provides control of power by the people who have the right to determine their manner of government. Recently there is much talk of how people rely on traditional beliefs to seek political office.

How should society see a person who attempts to use super natural means in influencing electoral outcomes? Could that person be seen as a genuine democrat who believes in government by consent? Or a self-perpetuating ruler who relies on inducement or intimidation to get to or stay in office.

Every Gambian should answer this question and try to be a new Gambian who would rely solely on the consent of the people to get to office. That is the type of democrat that the country deserves.