Police say 20 truckers arrested in Banjul will be arraigned in court


By Ndey Sowe

Police Spokesperson, Lamin Njie, said truckers who were arrested at the Port of Banjul by Police after they failed to adhere to a proclamation for them to disperse, will be charged to court.

Njie confirmed that more than a dozen people have been arrested and taken into police custody. He said they are being charge with various offenses, ranging from unlawful gathering, disobedience to lawful order, and riotous conduct.

“They are also being process for court action”, he added.

Earlier, Njie said on Monday morning, the truck drivers caused obstruction at the Ports Authority, thus disrupting normal business.

“The police intervened and they were asked to disperse through a proclamation… Some of them failed to adhere to the proclamation, which made their gathering unlawful. So the police had to use reasonable means to them disperse,” he said.

Spokesperson Njie added that some people who did not adhere to the proclamation were arrested and detained by the police.

Malick Ngum, Secretary-General of Gambia Transport Union, said the arrestees have not been bailed yet. But he was hopeful that they would be granted bail.

Omar Ceesay President of the aforesaid Union (GTU), said 20 truckers were arrested for protesting against the Government’s decision to revoke an agreement which was going to ensure drivers that carry containers at the Port of Banjul follow a queue.