Police Reveal Preliminary Assessment of Properties Damaged in Sanyang Riot


By Nelson Manneh

The Gambia Police Force has on Tuesday 23th March 2021 indicated that preliminary assessment of properties damaged revealed that 13 fishing boats, 9 boat engines, 5, 273 fishing nets were burnt and destroyed. 

The police said cash amount of about 8 million dalasis, one million and five hundred thousand CFA and thirty-four thousand Chinese Renmini (RMB34, 000) is suspected to be looted from the Nessim Fish Meal processing company and from individual residents. A total of four motor vehicles, including two pickups and two mini-trucks were also burnt down.

The police stated that the Sanyang Police Station was attacked and the building burnt down including all records, case exhibits, furniture and a taxi car parked at the station was equally damaged.

The police said homes of 5 individuals within the village were attacked and their compounds and properties vandalized. And a mobile shop was broken into and items estimated at two hundred and fifty seven thousand dalasis were all looted, they added.