Police Rearrest 3 Years Jotna Leaders after Court Discharges Them


By Yankuba Jallow

A trial judge in Banjul has discharged the leaders of 3 Years Jotna group following the State’s application to withdraw the case.

The State on the 9th February 2021 made an application for the case to be withdrawn before Justice Bakre of the High Court Annex in Banjul. The application was not objected by the defence.

The court discharged the accused persons.

They were arrested in connection with a peaceful protest held in January 2020 which turnout violent resulting in the issuance of tear gas by the police. They were charged for protesting after proclamation was made on the revocation of their permit.

The court in December 2020 closed the prosecution case and at the defence made a “no case to answer” submission, but before the court could proceed to make a determination on the matter, the prosecution made an application to withdraw the case. However, after they were discharged, the police rearrested them and charged them again. Foroyaa is monitoring the situation. The reporter is currently at the Police Headquarters trying to speak to the police spokesperson on the matter.