Police Re-arraign Kexx Sanneh on the Same Charges


Kemeseng Sanneh alias Kexx Sanneh has been rearrainged before the court on the same charges.

Kexx Sanneh, who was taken to court on surprise, after the police called him to come to report to the Station, was in court without his lawyers. According to Kexx, his lawyers were not aware of the fresh case against him and he won’t say anything in their absence.

The case came before Magistrate M. Faal of the Kanifing Magistrate’s Court. Kexx is charged with giving false information to a public servant contrary to section 114 of the Criminal Code.

According to the particular of the offence, Kemeseng Sanneh on or about the 24th March 2021, gave information to a public servant that he was kidnapped by 3 boys who forcefully got him into their vehicle and placed a towel on his nose and made him to inhale a substance which made him unconscious. The police said the information was false and he [Kexx] knew it was false at the time, thereby committed an offence.

Readers would recall the matter was thrown out of court by the previous presiding magistrate, Mam Samba Jallow. He struck out the matter on the basis of the lack of diligent prosecution. The prosecution failed to produce a witness on two days scheduled for hearing.

The case will be coming on the 10th November 2021.

Kexx was granted bail by the court with one Gambian surety and D2000.