Police Question Madi Jobarteh About Social Media Posts


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Officers of the Gambia Police Force from the CIU Unit, recently visited Madi Jobarteh’s house to effect his arrest, but was instead questioned regarding a post he made on social media platforms.

The later happened when Mr. Jobarteh informed the Police that he was unwell and unable to answer them at the Station. Information has it that the police in a telephone conversation, also informed him that if he failed to comply and appear for questioning before them, they (Police) would take necessary action by going to his residence to arrest him.

That upon arrival at his house, instead of implementing the arrest, the police opted to question Madi Jobarteh about the post he had shared online, but it was indicated that Mr Jobarteh decided to seek further information on the exact post in question by the Police.

Following this interaction, the police did not proceed with his arrest, and instead requested for Madi Jobarteh to report to the police headquarters once he fully recovered from his illness.