Thursday, August 11, 2022

Police PRO’s Comment On Foroyaa Story


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Foroyaa published a story under the caption “Police Accused of Maltreatment, Detention”

The Police PRO called the Managing Editor to express that he was not pleased with the caption as it gives the impression that the police is engaged in harassment. The Managing Editor told him that the story will not be put online pending a review of the caption and content. The Managing Editor did exactly as promised in compliance with the paper’s adherence to the principle of publishing the truth in good faith in the public interest.

However, once the PRO decided to jump the gun by putting his view online before it was posted online by Foroyaa, the Managing Editor had no option but to put the story online so as not to be appearing to be covering up. Those who cared to read the story should be able to see very clearly that the allegations made against the police were refuted by the PRO. Hence Foroyaa had no intention or interest in doctoring the story. Foroyaa however acknowledges that the caption could have better reflected the content of the story by adding that the PRO responded.

Hence if the PRO is still interested in sending a rejoinder to Foroyaa for publication he is welcome to do so. Foroyaa has no interest in engaging in polemics with the PRO on a matter that its staff has no vested interest in publishing.

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