Police Investigate Case Involving a Woman Abandoned at Salagi Forest After She Was Allegedly Robbed


By Mustapha Jallow

The Gambia Police Force on Wednesday announced it has opened investigation into a case involving a woman, who claimed she was robbed and abandoned at Salagi Forest after boarding a taxi.

Superintendent Lamin Njie, the Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm receipt of the report and investigation is opened into the matter.”

“Yes, it’s the report we received. Police have visited the scene and opened an investigation into the matter.”

N’jie made this confirmation immediately after this medium received a disturbing video on 28th April 2021, showing a woman lying on the ground narrating her ordeal to forestry officials, residents, passerby and police officers in uniform.

In the video, the young woman identified herself as Amie Camara, a resident of Brusubi Phase 1. She said she boarded taxi at Tippa Garage. She said she could not remember the number plate of the taxi.

“I stopped him (driver) and I told him I want to go to Coastal road. I entered, but when he was driving, he took out something similar to spray and he was spraying,” Camara said looking terrified in the video.

She said she lost consciousness and woke up finding herself at the aforesaid forest.

“I know he took my purse and my telephone and my ID Card,” she said. “I know he broke my leg. He (driver) came to collect me with one of his boys and that was the moment I decided to hide behind this place. I used something to cover my head, so that they will not see me.”

Meanwhile, Camara was said to have been transported to a hospital.