Police Grant Bail to Murder Suspect


By Mustapha Jallow

Deputy police spokesperson, Cadet ASP Muhammed Y. Darboe Thursday said the police have released a man accused of killing his girlfriend in Brikama.

The man, 24, was arrested in connection with the mysterious death of his girlfriend in Brikama. Darboe said the police has granted the man bail.

Darboe said the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Office in Brikama have not received any autopsy report from the doctor.

“The CID Office had made the follow-ups but no luck yet,” Darboe said. 

Darboe said their investigation so far did not show there was a foul play, adding that they are waiting for the medical report to confirm the cause of death.

“We do not believe foul play led to the death of the young-lady (girl) because all facts (physical examination) gathered by investigators do not show any foul-play,” he said. 

The police officer said the police do not rule out any possibility of a foul play, adding that they are waiting for the autopsy report to know which steps to take next.

Earlier on, the police arrested the boyfriend of the deceased on suspicion that he had a hand in her demise.

The mysterious death of the young lady was announced at the Brikama Health Center on the 17th January 2023 after she was taken to the hospital by her boyfriend. She died while on her hospital bed according to the information gathered from the police.