Police Consider Indicting Suspects in Alleged “Al Group” Scamming


By Mustapha Jallow

Cadet-ASP Muhammed Y Darboe, the Deputy Spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force (GPF) Thursday said Police are considering pressing charges against suspects in alleged “Al-group’’ online scamming.

He however added that this will depend on what the investigators found concerning the alleged scamming saga.

A recent police investigation shows that over D1 million was invested in the alleged scam – by the unsuspecting victims, through a Binance Wallet Address that belongs to the main suspected scammers.

“We are considering charging them with obtaining money by false pretense. This may change if some facts are obtained. But for now, they’re neither charged nor detained. They’re reporting on bail and cooperating with our investigators,’’ Darboe told this paper when asked about new developments pertaining to the case.  

He said victims are still coming out and reporting their side of the story to the investigators attached to the Fraud Squad Unit of the Gambia Police Force (GPF). He added that over 250 people {victims} had reported how they were allegedly scammed by the suspects.  

Earlier reports indicated that 5 individuals were rounded up by the police for their involvement in the alleged group scamming, which has caused financial problems for the victims.