Police Confirm Criminal Case of Jarra Kani Kunda Imam Is Under Review


By Mustapha Jallow

Gambian Police on Monday said the case involving Imam Alhagie Kawsu Saidyhan of Jarra Kani Kunda, who was arrested for leading a Friday prayer is currently under review by the Police.

Police spokesman ASP Lamin Njie said: “He (imam) was arrested and granted bail the same day while the matter is under review.’’

He said no charges were pressed against the imam. He said the case is with the Mansakonko Police station.

The imam was arrested last week by the Police for allegedly violating the ban on the closure of public places of worship and avoidance of congregational prayers, according to Spokesman Njie.

He explained: “The message is to make people understand that the closure of public places of worship is not by anyway an attack on people’s religious beliefs and practices, but it’s part of measures to prevent the spread of the novel virus (Covid-19).’’

“For this reason, the cooperation, support and understanding of the public especially religious leaders is highly solicited,’’ he added.

The Police spokesman went on to say that the Gambia Police is not an enemy to any category of the public, adding that they are nor out to make life difficult for people.