Police Commissioner Says Ousaniou Bojang Confessed to Killing 2 Policemen


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Fifth prosecution witness, Police Commissioner Momodou Sowe, told a High Court in Banjul that Ousainou Bojang, who is charged with the murder of two PIU officers, confessed to the police during investigation that he killed two paramilitary officers.

Ousainou Bojang, a resident of Brufut, is facing charges of murder, attempted murder, committing a terrorist act, and assault causing grievous bodily harm. His sister, Amie Bojang, is charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

The prosecution alleged that on 12 September 2023 at the Sukuta traffic lights, Ousainou Bojang, shot three police personnel with a gun, resulting in the death of two leaving the other with life-threatening injuries. Ousainou denied the allegation in court.

Commissioner Sowe, a resident of Tujereng, began his testimony by confirming that he recognised both defendants. When asked to provide an overview of the incident that took place on 12 September, he explained that he received a call from his officers after closing from work regarding a shooting incident at the Sukuta traffic lights, where his officers were deployed.

According to Commissioner Sowe, he was informed that a gunman had attacked his officers stationed at the Sukuta traffic lights, leading to three officers being shot, two of whom did not survive. The female officer was taken to the hospital with injuries.

He said on hearing the incident, he (Commissioner Sowe) immediately informed his superiors and went to the crime scene. He found a significant presence of security officers and witnesses, and the crime scene was preserved. He testified that they recovered bullet casings.

Commissioner Sowe testified that he then deployed officers to search for the suspect, but no arrests were made that night. The following day, he received a call from headquarters informing him that someone had vital information about the case. He communicated with the informant, who was one Musa Camara, and invited him to his office to gather more details. According to Sowe, Musa Camara informed him that a woman had provided information about the suspect’s whereabouts. Camara stated that the suspect, Ousainou Bojang, had been arrested in Jululum after a conversation with a woman named Mama Jabbi and confessed to Mama that he was the one who shot the police officers in Sukuta and was attempting to flee to Zinguinchor, Senegal.

Commissioner Sowe further testified that he then assembled a team and proceeded to Giboro border based on the information gathered. He met with Gambian officers stationed there and explained their mission. The team then went to Jululum, where they met with Mama Jabbi. Together, they went to the Gendarmerie camp, where they informed the Senegalese soldiers about their mission, which was to apprehend the suspect who was in their custody. Sowe revealed that after completing the necessary protocols, Ousainou Bojang was handed over to them (the Gambian team) and they returned to Gambia through the Giboro border.

Commissioner Sowe testified that during the transportation of Bojang, he introduced himself and assured Bojang of his safety, emphasising that the rule of law would be observed. During the journey, he (Commissioner Sowe) questioned Bojang about the incident. Sowe said Ousainou Bojang initially claimed that he fled Gambia because a white lady had posted his naked pictures on social media. However, when further questioned about which social media platform, Bojang was unable to provide any further explanation, and that story was dismissed. Subsequently, Bojang confessed to him (Commissioner Sowe) that he had committed the act, admitting that he was the person who shot the policemen and policewoman.

Sowe further said when he asked about the vehicle stationed near the crime scene with a broken windshield, Ousainou Bojang revealed that he had intended to shoot at the police officers but mistakenly targeted the vehicle which shattered its windshield. Sowe said Ousainou also provided details about his escape route on their way from Giboro.

Commissioner Sowe further stated that the team then conducted a briefing at the camp, and a team was sent to Brufut and he was part of the team that searched Ousainou Bojang’s home. He explained that during the search, a haftan and canvas shoe where recovered from Bojang’s room at the lodge where he works, and a black jean was found inside a bucket filled with water.

When asked why the items were recovered, Commissioner Sowe explained that eyewitnesses had mentioned that Ousainou was wearing a kaftan during the shooting. The police commissioner testified that Ousainou led the investigators to the recovery of the clothes he wore during the incident.

Commissioner Sowe further testified that Ousainou initially claimed that he wore canvas shoes but later changed his statement, saying he wore desert combat boots, which were also found in their compound by the investigators.

Commissioner Sowe further revealed that Bojang explained how he escaped with the assistance of his sister. He explained that Ousainou told them that his sister Amie Bojang provided a C-class Benz taxi that facilitated his escape to the border in Darsilami. Then Amie returned while Ousainou entered Senegal via Cassamance to Jululunm.

Commissioner Sowe informed the court that the items recovered, including the haftan, canvas shoes, and black jeans, are currently with the forensic officer, adding that a pistol and an empty bullet case were recovered near the crime scene and also in the custody of the forensic officers.

The presiding judge, Justice Ebrima Jaiteh, adjourned the case to Thursday, 14 December 2023 at 1 pm.