Plantation Nurseries Signs MOU with British High Commissioner


By Nelson Manneh

Plantation Nurseries Friday 18th August, 2023 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the British High Commission for the funding of a one-year Community Environmental Resilience through Agroforestry (CERA) Project.

Under this MOU, Plantation Nurseries will work closely with the British High Commission to implement agroforestry practices in communities across the region. The British High Commission will provide technical expertise, training and resources to support farmers in adopting sustainable farming methods.

Plantation Nurseries is a non-governmental organization that aims at mitigating climate change through Agroforestry in The Gambia. The NGO has signed a Community Environmental Resilience initiative through Agroforestry (CERA) Project that will be funded by The British High Commission in Banjul.

The twelve months project is aimed at enhancing community resilience to climate change by improving soil health, water retention, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration through the establishment of agroforestry systems to promote sustainable income generation opportunities for farmers through the diversification of agricultural products, including value-added products derived from agroforestry components among others.

The main objective of the project is to establish agroforestry demonstration plots in selected communities, showcasing the benefits and techniques of integrating trees with agricultural crops and provide training and capacity-building initiatives to farmers and community members on agroforestry techniques, sustainable land management practices and climate change adaptation strategies.

 “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting environmental resilience and sustainable practices. Through the CERA Project, we aim to create a positive impact on local communities and contribute to a greener and more resilient future,” said Samba Faye, the Chief Executive Officer of Plantation Nurseries.

CEO Faye said Agroforestry is a powerful tool that combines agriculture and forestry to create sustainable land-use systems. “By integrating trees into agricultural landscapes, we can enhance biodiversity, improve soil health and mitigate climate change impacts. Together, we will empower local communities to build resilience, improve livelihoods and protect the environment.”

He finally said Plantation Nurseries is grateful for the support and partnership with the British High Commissioner in this important endeavour. “This collaboration exemplifies the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges and creating a more sustainable future for all.”