Friday, December 1, 2023



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The KMC was expected to indicate what the new council would do in one hundred days so that the media would monitor their programme. One expected that the primary task would be to visit markets, car parks, streets, with a view to decongesting the roads and providing facilities that are needed by the people.

Foroyaa has so far monitored the situation and apparently the status quo remains. Foroyaa would send a reporter to the council to monitor what is being done to decongest the streets and put vendors in places that could be better utilized as markets.

Our reporter will also find out whether the drainage facilities for secondary roads are properly cleansed and fumigated so that mosquitoes would not continue to multiply because of stagnant water in gutters and other pools that make transports unable to ply the road because of their depths. This is the time to deliver on promises and the public will be interviewed to find out whether their expectations are being addressed.

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