Peace Network Sets to Stage National Peace Awards 2024


By Assan Bah

‘Peace Network – Gambia’ is set to hold its second National Award, an annual event pioneered and supported by the Network to recognize extraordinary efforts of individual Gambians, organizations and institutions, in the promotion and maintenance of peace and security in The Gambia.

Alasana Justice Jallow, the Network’s chief executive officer, said “it is indisputable that peace and security are sacred, precious and important elements for development, and therefore, a National Peace Award will recognize, celebrate and reward those who strive to ensure peace and security prevails for all Gambians and people in the Gambia, in order for them to achieve their goals meaningfully”.

The Network said it will embark on a nationwide public outreach to identify nominated individuals, institutions and organizations who / that are believed to have contributed in promoting and maintaining peace and security in the Gambia. It said an independent Committee for the award ceremony will be established which will be composed of people from diverse professional backgrounds, to ensure a well-coordinated and transparent award ceremony.

“Consequently in the coming days, a public outreach will be conducted nationwide for people to nominate persons, institutions and organizations that they believe have had an extraordinary impact in promoting and maintaining peace and security in the country, for the past year. This will not be confined to just the urban areas. We will stretch far to the rural area and ensure ultimate inclusiveness in the whole process of nominations. Online platforms will as well be made available for the nomination process,’’ the Network’s CEO said.

The 2024 National Peace Award, according to Jallow, will witness great recognition to Institutions, Organizations and personalities, and the numerous performances from musicians, artists, and comedians, who will initiate songs and activities that will resonate with the event.

CEO Jallow said the Network initiated the National Peace Award by Management in 2022, to promote, consolidate, and encourage holistic peace building in The Gambia.

“As a country in transition with numerous reforms ongoing, it was only wise to initiate the annual National Peace Award. This, we believe, will make people to be voluntary and benevolent Peace Ambassadors, and hence ensure absolute peace and tranquility in the Gambia for everybody to strive and win the distinguished National Peace Award,” he added.

He said this year’s edition is scheduled for 9March 2024 at a local hotel, and will be held alongside a gala dinner where the funds raised will be used to complement Government’sefforts in promoting peace, security and national development.T he first National Peace Award was conferred on Hon.Halifa Sallah for his extraordinary diligence and wonderful conflict resolution mechanisms demonstrated during the 2016/2017 political impasse in The Gambia.