Paulo Djabi and his wife voluntarily surrender themselves to DLEA authorities


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Paulo Djabi and Nandine Pereira have voluntarily surrendered to the Drug Law enforcement officers. They handed themselves over after being arraigned in court alongside Mamadu Djabi and Secuna Djabi for their alleged involvement in drug and money laundering crimes.

The Principal Magistrate Jabang granted them bail on 15 charges related to drug offences and money laundering, subject to certain conditions.

However, even though they fulfilled all the bail conditions, upon their arrival at the DLEAG (Drug Law Enforcement Agency) office, they were invited to collect their belongings; but Mamadu Djabi and Secuna Djabi were rearrested. Paulo Djabi and Nandine Pereira managed to flee as the officers pursuing them failed to apprehend them.

Paulo Djabi and Nandine Pereira chose to turn themselves over to the authorities. According to sources, they are currently being detained in separate police facilities.

It is worth noting that the accused persons have been re-arrested twice after being granted bail previously by Bundung and Kanifing Court.