Parliamentarians Threaten to Reject Future SAB IF…..

Hon. Kaddy Camara

By: Kebba AF Touray

Some lawmakers have on Wednesday threatened to reject the next Supplementary Appropriation Bill (SAB) if the government fails to cater for the basic needs of their constituencies in future supplementary Appropriation Estimates.

They unveiled this stance yesterday, while debating on the FPAC Report on the SAP Bill for consideration and approval.

Kaddy Camara, Member for Foni Bondali, said: “Foni Bondali is part and parcel of the Gambia and are equally taxpayers of the country. Looking at the SAP, there is no single benefit that my constituency is gaining from the estimates. I will lend my support to this estimate, but next time, if my constituency is not captured in the estimates, I will not support it”.

Hon. Kebba Jallow, Member for Jarra Central, said Kabada has not been benefiting from the infrastructural services from the government for the past 55 years, since the country assumed nationhood.

Jallow said: “I am in full support of this SAB, however, I have certain concerns that I must express to the executive. Kabada Region is part of the Gambia, which has been suffering since the 30 years of the First Republic and has never ever benefited from any meaningful development project from the government”.

He added: “We went to the second republic and 22 years of its rule, Kabada Region or Corridor, never benefited any meaningful project from the second republic. In the current regime, the hope of Kabada Region has been shattered as no community from the region has been captured in the SAB”.

The bad road condition, he lamented, hampers the smooth and timely evacuation of pregnant women from the village in Kabada, which are off the main road for referral to Soma hospital.

Hon.Jallow added: “We have to consider and ensure equitable distribution of development projects to all the communities across the length and breadth of the country. I concur with the Honorable Member for Foni Bondali, that next SAB, if my constituency is not catered for, no SAB will be passed here”.

Hon. Dembo KM Camara, Member for Illiasa faulted the supplementary estimates.

He decried: “ I have been complaining about   similar scenario that has been affecting the people of my constituency such as Farafenni, who need their roads to be constructed and are seriously faced with good road network due to lack of good feeder roads and this is  not captured in the supplementary estimates.”