PAP Security Committee Recommends AU Member States to Effectively Fight against Corruption


By:  Kebba AF Touray

The Pan African Parliament’s (PAP) Committee on Peace and Security in Africa has recommended member states of the African Union to effectively fight against corruption.

The Committee made this recommendation in its report tabled before members of Parliament on Tuesday, 2 July 2024, at the ongoing session of PAP which is underway in Midrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Committee also recommended the need for the African Union Commission to strengthen its efforts in fostering peace in conflict countries and to reduce its financial dependence on Western powers.

As explained by the committee in its report, following the provisions of Rule 26 (4) of the Rules of Procedure of the Pan-African Parliament, the Committee on Cooperation, International Relations and Conflict Resolution is in charge of assisting the Parliament in its efforts on conflict prevention.

“In this regard, the Committee on Cooperation was treated to two presentations on the state of peace and security in Africa. These presentations were made by the Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security of the African Union Commission, and the Afro-barometer,” the Committee said in its report.

The Committee further indicated that a presentation was made by a representative of Ambassador Bankole Adeoye, on an overview of the state of peace and security in Africa. 

“The presentation gave an overview of the peace and security situation in Africa. Systematically, all five geographical zones of the continent are experiencing insecurity situations that severely threaten peace. In the East of the continent, insecurity in the DRC still prevails despite peace-keeping efforts by the United Nations,” the Committee indicated.

According to the report, the situation in Libya in North Africa is a real chaos which has given rise to domino effects in Central Africa. 

In West Africa, the report stated that violent extremism fueled by different terrorist groups is plaguing the Great Sahelian Region and the unconstitutional change of governments in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry and Niger, have had serious consequences on the lives of the population. The report cited the situation in Sudan as a real humanitarian catastrophe where the international community finds itself unable to act to find a fair and lasting solution.

“This peaceful region is not experiencing active conflicts, but the phenomenon of Haïti gangs is a call for concern to the UN. At the global level and on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Africa still maintains its non-alignment position,” the report said.

In this regard, the report highlighted that following its mandate to promote peace and security; good governance, and stability in Africa, the Department of Political Affairs has set as its priority in 2024, to resolve the crises in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the Great Sahel Region.

To African Union Member States, the Committee recommends the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law in Africa; the fight against poverty and youth unemployment; ensure the provision of basic social needs to their populations, strengthen national unity and effectively fight against corruption. It calls on the member states to guarantee democratic change of regime; avoid foreign interference in the management of the internal affairs of member states; and fight against imperialism in all its forms to eradicate conflicts in Africa.

To the AU Commission, the Committee recommends the provision of a security fund for peace initiatives; strengthen its efforts in fostering peace in conflict countries; reduce the financial dependence on Western powers, and focus on the use of the natural resources of the continent to finance its programs and projects.

The Pan-African Parliament also recommended the establishment of a solid collaboration base with the Department of Political Affairs and the Peace and Security of the African Union Commission to prevent and resolve conflicts; fine-tune its working methods to address the current challenges; and organize Parliamentary fact-finding missions to countries in Africa that are being ravaged by conflicts.

The Committee in conclusion said during these two decades, conflicts in Africa have taken a very disturbing pattern to the extent that all geographical regions of the continent are affected.

“This situation has led to adverse consequences on the lives of the populations of the continent. Despite the peace efforts made by the African Union, the conflict situation remains uncertain,” the report said. 

The report was subsequently adopted by members of the Pan African Parliament on Tuesday 2nd July 2024.