Over speeding kills one, leaves 3 others in critical condition


Kebba Jeffang and Ousman Sillah

A fatal car accident caused by the over speeding of a four wheel vehicle, said to be part of the presidential convoy, on Saturday, 14 May, 2016 claimed the life of one Kaddijatou Leigh, a mother of seven, and left three other women hospitalized and in critical conditions at the Edward Francis Small Hospital in Banjul.

The fatal accident occurred around 4 pm at a place called the ‘Cow junction’ on the Serekunda-Brikama highway when the Guinean president was paying a half day visit to the Gambia.

According to one of the survivors, Fatoumata Tunkara Sillah, who was briefly admitted at the hospital but later discharged, it was five of them (women) who were returning home after extending their condolences to bereaved relatives staying at Fajikunda who had lost a loved one. She said the other four women were the deceased, Kaddijatou Leigh, who is renting with her family in their compound at Kolongba Road in Dippa Kunda, Nyato Waggeh, her co-wife, and Aja Sandeh and Mariama Sillah, two visiting relatives from the provinces. She said the three women are presently admitted at the hospital in Banjul with multiple fractures to both their hands and legs.

An eyewitness explained that the five women were standing on the pavement by the highway when this said white coloured four wheel drive was coming from the Banjul International Airport end in high speed.

“This over speeding vehicle suddenly swerved and hit the electric lamp post which came crashing down on the women and thus killing this woman (Kaddijatou) instantly and injuring the others,” said the eye witness.

According to the source, the metal pole cracked the skull of the deceased who died on the spot.

“After hitting the pole, the vehicle swerved few times before coming t o a stop in the middle of the road. It also appeared that the driver and one of the two passengers inside the vehicle also sustained some injuries,” said the eye witness.

Visiting the family compound where all the five women came from at the junction near the former Serekunda Motel on Kolongba Road, these reporters met the grieving young family of the deceased, including Mr. Cherno Bah, her husband. Kaddijatou has left behind very little children under the care of their utterly devastated father and eldest brother, who is in his early twenties.

“We have left everything in the hands of God and will be praying for the departed soul,” said the husband.

He described her as a very good wife who was always supportive to him and the family.

According to Modou Bah, the son, someone came there to symphatize with them on the day of the burial on Sunday, 15 May, and who said he is the father of the driver of the four wheel vehicle which caused the sudden death of their mother.

However, no official delegation is yet to be received by the family.

The neighbours also described the late Kaddijatou as a very good woman who was friendly to everyone.

As for the other three women, a lady who was just returning from visiting them at the hospital yesterday evening explained that they were in a critical situation.