OVER ONE BILLION ADDED TO A 10.2 BILLION BUDGET Over 86 Million Dalasis For National Celebrations


The people have recently been   informed that the issuance of short term treasury bills have increased significantly to finance government fiscal operations. The budget deficit for 2013 amounts to 2.7 billion dalasis and the outstanding domestic debt stood at 13.5 Billion. Hence the introduction of a supplementary Appropriation Bill amounting to D1,134,690,48.00 (one billion, one hundred and thirty four million, six hundred and ninety thousand and fouty-eight dalasis) does not only manifest financial indiscipline which will have far reaching effect on domestic borrowing, but raises serious constitutional questions which needs to be addressed by the citizenry and their representatives. What raised eye brows   is the allocation of 86 Miilion Dalasis for National celebrations. The height of financial indiscipline is to borrow and spend on celebrations. A national debate on how tax payers’ money is spent is urgent .University and Senior Secondary School Students are waiting for sponsorship and youths are waiting for employment, the employed are waiting for salary increase   and pensioners are waiting to receive their entitlements. These are no times for celebrations.  ]]>