Over 200 Julbrew workers risk losing their Job


By Nelson Manneh

More than two hundred (200) workers of the Banjul Breweries Limited (Julbrew) are at risk of losing their jobs as the company’s management is in the process of closing down all operations, according to the staff.

Julbrew is one of the biggest companies in the Gambia that employ more than two hundred staff directly.

The company in 2019 faced some financial constraints as the government drastically increased the tax levy on the company which led to the layoff of some staff of the company.

Alagie Ceesay a staff and the president of Julbrew workers’association said management has informed them orally that the company is about to close down operations as they are facing some financial and technical challenges.

“The information that reached us was not formal because no memo was passed from the management. They just called us and informed us orally that the company is facing some challenges and they are about to close all operations,” he said.

Mr. Ceesay said looking at the current situation of the country, the coronavirus has affected all businesses and their only source of income is from the company.

“Some of us have served the company for more than twenty years. If the company is closed down, where are we expected to go?” he questioned.

He said management should have given them adequate notice in order for them to prepare themselves for any eventualities.

“The company has just registered a new manager and when he came, he told us that the company is doing well, that the only challenge was in 2019 when the Government increased the tax but apart from that everything is normal, so it will be a surprise if they are now saying that the company is facing financial and technical challenge,” he said.

He said Julbrew has more than two hundred staff that are employed directly and thousands of other who benefit from it.

“If you go to all the bars, restaurants, hotels, shops you will find our products there, so if the company is closed that means all these businesses will be affected,” he noted.

The management of Banjul Breweries Limited (Julbrew) said they are still working on the situation and if they are ready, they will formally inform the press about the situation of the company.