Ousman Badjie Continues Defence


By Rohey Jadama
The former Gambian Ambassador to France and erstwhile minister of works, construction and infrastructure Mr. Ousman BadjieOusman Badjie yesterday, 15 February, 2016 continued his evidence in chief  before Justice Simeon Ateh Abi of the Banjul High Court.

When the case was called, Lawyer Lamin S. Camara announced his representation for the Mr. Badjie, whilst A.M Yusuf appeared for the state.

The prosecution alleges that the former minister between 14th to
30th June 2014 in the Gambian embassy in Paris and diverse places in The Gambia whilst he was the Gambian head of mission in France, caused economic loss to the government of The Gambia to the tune of 34, 333 Euros, being revenue collected but not deposited and other shortages caused by Faisal Bojang, the financial attaché to The Gambian embassy in Paris.  He, however, denied the charges.

Continuing his defence, Mr Badjie was instructed to look at defence exhibit D and then asked whether he has any explanation regarding the said exhibit by his defence lawyer.

The former Ambassador to France told the court that defence exhibit D is the said cash withdrawal from the Bank cheque number 2203461 amount 27,500 Euros cash in hand not found in safe 500,856.58 Euros.

Mr. Badjie further told the court that he wish to explain the
findings of Mr. Momodou Lamin Bah, the Director of National Treasury, during his mission in Paris. He added that Mr. Bah stipulated the total amount of 34,700.68 Euros signed by himself, the Deputy Head of Mission Mrs. Sock, Mr. Jerreh Sonko, the new Financial Attachee and Mr. Kalilou Sanneh, the Protocol Welfare Officer of the Embassy.

“The financial Attachee has custody of the safe i.e. Faisal Bojang and he is responsible for collecting revenue and equally responsible for banking the sums collected,” said Mr. Badjie.

He told the court that he did not sign defence exhibit D either as a
witness or in his capacity as the Ambassador.

At this juncture, Lawyer Camara announced the closure of their defence

The case will continue today, 16 February, 2016 at 10am with
the cross-examination of Mr. Badjie by the prosecution.