Only Survivor in Sukuta-Traffic Light Shooting Case Testifies before Justice Jaiteh


By Kemeseng Sanneh (Kexx)

Ansey Jawo, the only Police officer, who survived in the Sukuta-Traffic Light police shooting case, testified in court before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh.

Ousainou Bojang and his sister, Amie Bojang, are the accused persons in this trial.

The Director of Public Prosecution A.M Yusuf appeared for the State and Counsel Lamin J Darboe reprsented the accused persons.

Ansey Jawo, a resident of Jambur and a policewoman by profession for two years from 2022 to date, testified that she recognised one of the accused persons (Ousainou Bojang) through his picture on a mobile phone. 

In her recollection of the shooting on 12th September 2023, she explained that she was on duty that day with late Pateh M. Jallow, and late Sang J. Gomez. She added they were at the Sukuta-Jabang traffic light up to 21:00 upwards.

She revealed that the place was busy at around 21:00 upwards when they heard a gunshot. Upon hearing the gunshot, Sang J Gomez looked at Pateh M. Jallow’s direction and realised that he was shot, and while rushing to help Jallow, the same gunman shot Sang J Gomez. 

While she opted to check which direction the gunshot was coming from and who was shooting, then she got shot and she tried to take steps and with her third step, she fell on the ground and later realised she was at the hospital at Ndemban.

She further explained that she was on oxygen at Ndemban, but was later referred to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital where she underwent chest x-ray and blood recovery.

Explaining further, she said while at Edward Francis Teaching Hospital, the surgical team told her that she would be undergoing an operation and was asked to sign a paper which she signed. 

After 14:00, she was taken to the operating room and an operation was conducted on her, and she was later taken to the ICU to undergo treatment for some days. She was then taken to a private ward and finally discharged, but she was given an appointment to visit the nearest hospital which was Brikama for dressing, and from there she went to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital for her normal appointments.

Asked whether she was given a medical report after her discharge, she responded that a medical report wasn’t given to her, but she saw the medical report with the prosecutor in the case.

Officer Jawo explained that she was standing at the Sukuta-Jabang traffic lights when coming from Brikama before the roundabout, and when coming from the turntable after the roundabout.

Under cross-examination, Counsel Lamin J Darboe asked whether she made a statement to the police and whether she would recognise the statement when shown to her, she replied she would be able to recognize it through her signature and telephone number.

Counsel Lamin J Darboe sought to tender the statement into evidence after the witness confirmed the statement without any objection from the prosecution, and the document was admitted and marked as D10.

She confirmed the vicinity around the traffic light was busy that day. She confirmed that from where she was standing, there was a restaurant. 

Asked whether she knew the time the incident happened, she responded negatively and said she only opened her eyes at the hospital and saw doctors and senior police officers around her. But she said she couldn’t give the names of officers present as she was in serious pain at the time.

Officer Ansey Jawo (the witness) was discharged and the case was adjourned to tomorrow for a new witness to give evidence.